Dear Michelle Yeoh,


…Thank you for proving that dreams do come true.

At 12, I wrote in my journal “I want to be a journalist or an actress”. But growing up in France, I didn’t see on screen anyone who looked like me. I happened to work and live in Asia for 8 years, this is where people made me feel special : Being French with Asian roots was out of the ordinary.

Living in Asia is where I realized how multicultural France is. How Asian cultures and Asian immigrants are very diverse, but this diversity was not reflected in TV shows, series, movies, or even ads, unless it was stereotypical Asian characters.


When I watched for the first time Everything Everywhere All At Once, it was mind blowing.

Not only because it’s ambitious, hilariously creative and a limitless expression of our imaginations on screen, but, above all, I was deeply moved to see that an Asian cast can tell stories that everyone can relate to.


I was deeply moved…

. to see an Asian woman being a lead actress in a western movie.

. to see an Asian woman depicted as vulnerable and so powerful at the same time.

. to see an Asian woman who can let it all go on screen and portray multiple characters in her role.

When I watched Michelle Yeoh, I saw one of the greatest and most talented actresses.

When I met and talked to Michelle, I saw a true caring and humble person. I told her how difficult it was to see people like us on screen, and the reason I created Banh Mi Media is to give voice to the Asian diaspora in France and beyond. I thanked her for being a role model and pushing the boundaries by allowing us to believe and see ourselves as storytellers.

When in doubt, I read and listen to her words and I remind myself why I started Banh Mi Media.

“We have stories to tell, we have desires, we have dreams and we have hopes.

We keep pushing it forward that it has to be made.”

“Something I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, to give me the opportunity to show what I’m capable of.”

I can now tell my 12 year-old self : don’t be afraid to be what you want, to tell stories, to have dreams and show what you are capable of.

Deeply, thank you Michelle.

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